by ikreidler

»I think one of the great failures of the fine art scene of for example of the painting scene is that it created a situation where artists can’t move very easily. I mean, an artist who’s one defined his style and becomes popular for it, unless he is very very successful, is really constrained to stay within that. you know. And it is a platitude to say but it really is true that an artist has his trademark so you can look at it and you say oh yes, that’s a Rothko and that’s a Larry Poons, because you know Rothko always has this blurry shapes and Larry Poons always has those dogs. Now, I’m not against the idea of exploring one format. In depth like that. But I am against the idea of having to explore one format in depth.«
(An interview with Brian Eno, From Brussels with love, Les Disques Du Crépuscule, 1980)

Day off in Leipzig, die Bäckerei wünscht einen schönen Vatertag, die senflose Wurst heißt “nackig”, und es regnet ohne Unterlass. Wir zittern – unseren Nerzwesten zum Trotz. Das Thermometer fällt, Schirmchen ziehen. Trost spenden nur die Ein Euro Shops, wo wir unsere Basics-Lücken auffüllen. Also, die eine fehlende Roxy Music, Robert Palmer komplett, Electric Light Orchestra, Ian Pooley, Sophie Ellis Bextor und, etwas teurer, Phil Manzanera, No Pussyfooting, Eve Future Recall, Vangelis, Yoko Ono, Chris Korda, Alice 12″.

Später. Danke tolle Tontechnik, danke eine Barfußkneipe, danke an die Zuhörer, wir freuen uns auf den Frühling im Hohen Norden, Bremen Nacht.